Scosche SportClip 3 Headphones Review [2017]


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Scosche SportClip 3 Headphones Review [2017]

Read the full Scosche SportClip 3 Headphones review. Scosche has created a solid set of headphones for fitness fans and casual users alike.

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Are you in the hunt for headphones that can withstand intense activities such as workouts, jogging, and sports? Are you an active individual who also happens to be a music lover or a fitness enthusiast who enjoys listening to a custom-made playlist to best fit the mood while in the gym? By this time, you probably have the idea that what you need is not the typical earphones that often come in cheap prices. To have the best workout or an enjoyable sports activity without the interruption of headphones falling off, go for sports headphones instead.

Sports Headphones Vs Standard Headphones

If you think that your regular headphones are doing okay while you work out or play sports, then by all means, stick with it. However, if your activity is oftentimes ruined by the music not playing consistently or distracted when it continuously falls off while you jog or even have to replace every so often due to it not being sweat-proof, then investing in sports headphones might be the wisest idea.

Since listening to music has been said to improve performance, you would definitely want to choose quality headphones that will not slow you down in your activity. Sport headphones can withstand sweat, lightweight so you can not feel its weight while you’re running or working out, more durable and a consistent sound quality that won’t be intermittent. Standard headphones on the other hand will have the tendency to stop working once it gets exposed to sweat and moisture. Their fit may not be also  as snug compared to Sports Headphones which makes sure it won’t fall out of your ears while you’re busy pumping up adrenaline.

How To Choose The Right Sports Headphones

First and foremost, choose the sports headphones that have a secure method of staying in your ears or over your head. Oftentimes, they can be hooked inside or over the ears or wrapped around the neck, making sure that the wires will not be a distraction. Also, many athletes choose wireless headphones so as to avoid the hassle of tangled wires.

Next, the headphones best for running and sports should be sweat-resistant. When you’re in rhythm, you don’t want to stop everytime you feel your sweat is about to drip on your headphones. Your headphones should be alright even after exposure of moisture and sweat.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right sports headphones is your type of activity. If you’re more of a runner, it’s best to choose the headphones that allow ambient noise instead of pure noise cancelling as it can get you in trouble when you’re in the streets or traffic. On the other hand, if you’re more like a gym or workout person, it’s good to opt for noise-cancelling headphones so you won’t get easily distracted by outside noise and focus on your workout routine.

Now that we have established the best headphones for workouts and sports, let’s review one of the most popular sports headphones available – Scosche Sportclip3 Headphones.

Scosche Sportclip3 Headphones Review

Scosche sportCLIPS 3

Scosche SportFlex 3- Sport Earbuds with tapIT remote and mic

Price: $29.99

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Dimensions: 4.68 x 1.14 x 8.03 in

The Scosche SportFlex 3 is known formally as SportClip 3 and it is popular for providing dynamic sounds of your favorite tunes. These are ergonomically crafted headphones that fit either in your ears or around it, thanks to its bend-to-fit ear clips and highly adjustable pivoting gear to provide you the best comfort. It has an IPX4 rating which proves that these earbuds are both dust-proof and splash-proof.

The Scosche SportClip 3 earbuds uses the finest materials and audio components in making sure that it provides the highest quality of sound. It has an 11mm high-efficiency drivers to be able to support full-range acoustic music reproduction.

With comfortability, these Scosche earbuds are great for workouts as they have bend-to-fit flexible ear clips to make sure that they securely fit into or around your ears.

It also comes with a Tapit remote and mic so whether you want to listen to music or take a phone call, you are in full control. You can Play or Pause, navigate playlists and tracks and Answer or End calls.

Scosche SportClip 3 headphones also ensures maximum durability as it provides reinforced strain relief, IPX4 rating, and antimicrobial jackets.

The Scosche SportClip 3 headphones package includes three different sizes of silicone eartip pairs, SportClip 3, shirt clip for the cable and a carrying pouch with drawstring.

  • Bend to fit – flexible ear clips secure these earbuds during workouts
  • Antimicrobial earbud jackets
  • 11mm high efficiency dynamic drivers deliver full range acoustic reproduction
  • Adjustable pivoting drivers
  • Integrated microphone for hands free phone calls
  • Reinforced strain relief cable
  • Tap-it commands track forward/track back, play/pause and more
  • Earbuds are both splash-proof and dust-proof

  • Keeps falling off from the ears
  • No volume control
  • Poor sound quality



The Scosche SportClip 3 headphones is an affordable, quality earbuds perfect for workouts, gym, sports and other adrenaline-pumping activities. It is best known for its ergonomically designed bend-to-fit ear clips which is said to securely stay while you run, play sports or do your fitness routine. However, there have been a couple of reports that mentioned that the earbuds just won’t stay in the ear, they keep falling off.

The Scosche SportFlex 3 also boasts off its Tapit remote and mic wherein you can answer or end calls or play and pause tracks and even navigate through them, while you’re jogging or at the gym, doing your workout routine. But reports also mentioned that it doesn’t have a volume control and the sound quality is not the best. Still, when we look at its price, the Scosche SportClip 3 manages to provide decent features including an IPX4 rating which means it is splash-proof and dust-proof. These are significant for fitness enthusiasts, runners, athletes and active users to allow them to listen to their favorite jams while doing light to intense activities.

Scosche SportClip 3 Headphones

These headphones are for fitness enthusiasts, runners, athletes and active users to allow them to listen to their favorite jams while doing light to intense activities.

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