Rocket Lawyer Review [2017]


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Rocket Lawyer Review [2017]

Read the full Rocket Lawyer 2017 review. Overall, Rocket Lawyer is a helpful resource for the modern small business.

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Are you a small business that would somehow want to cut down on legal costs? Do you need an attorney with some legal documents or forms but don’t want to spend beyond your budget? Thankfully, the world wide web has become our best friend that it even provides us all these, yes, without the costs of getting a lawyer. Thanks to online legal services.

What Are Online Legal Services?

Since almost everything can now be accomplished online – from getting a degree, to applying for a passport, to even finding the future wife or husband, it is not entirely unusual if you get online legal services as well. It’s when you need the help of an attorney with some legal documents from service contracts, loans, running a business, starting an LLC, legal health diagnostics, bankruptcy, and more. Additionally, they can connect you to a lawyer to consult on regarding legal issues. What’s great about this is it’s definitely faster and cheaper compared to the actual hiring of lawyer.

Advantages of Online Legal Services

One of the most important reasons why people seek the use of online legal services is of course, to save time. Not everybody has the luxury to wait especially for urgent documents. Instead of going through a lengthy process or waiting for several days just to acquire one document, they just need to go through a questionnaire and fill out some forms and your customized document will be ready to be signed and printed.

Next, you can get legal documents for a fraction of the actual price when you go to a traditional law firm. You can get access to all kinds of legal documents and forms that can be customized to your needs along with an electronic signature service and discounted rates when you need legal representation.

Disadvantages of Online Legal Services

If you need a more thorough legal representation with their undivided attention, of course, asking for help from an attorney in the traditional way is still highly recommended. Online Legal Services are great for paperwork requirements for small business.

One of the most popular online legal services which started in 2008 is Rocket Lawyer. Here is the review on the California-based online company.

Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer Review

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is one of the top and most popular companies that provide online legal services. Founded in 2008, it provides individuals and small businesses with legal documents such as estate plans, incorporation, patents, debt collection, copyrights, sole proprietorship, amendment, divorce, bankruptcy, loans, debt collection, personal injury, marriage and taxes.

They have easy step-by-step instructions that will aid you in customizing documents to your specific needs. These documents are then going to be reviewed by an attorney form their network with no extra fees.

Additionally, they provide on-call attorneys that businesses can consult with as well as discounts on consultations with local lawyers.

With their Rocket Lawyer On Call service, you can incorporate a business without having to worry about legal fees or create a will for your family with no payments. Of course, if you need more guidance, you can also get cheaper rates when you consult with local attorneys from their database.

Services Offered

  • Legal Documents at your Fingertips – legally reviewed and quality guarantee

Some Categories:

  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Divorce
  • Power of Attorney
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Bankruptcy
  • Complaints & Correspondence
  • Landlords & Property Managers
  • Loans & Licenses
  • Patent
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Hiring & Employees
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Independent Contractors
  • Get advice from an on-call attorney to get answers fast
  • Document Defense will connect you with a lawyer to help enforce your document


There are two choices for Rocket Lawyer Prices – Premium and Accelerate.

  • Monthly membership includes all documents on their website
  • Consult with a lawyer for no additional charge
  • They connect you with local attorneys if you need representation (for 40% off of their normal rate)
  • Electronic signature service is provided for many forms
  • Secure 128-bit encrypted website
  • No contract required
  • Wide range of personal and business documents
  • Easy to use
  • Ask a question and get linked to a local attorney within 24 hours
  • Meet with an attorney in person, by phone or online
  • Free one-week trial
  • Consumer education – Legal help and information articles

  • May be cheaper to choose somewhere else if you only need a few documents
  • Reports of continued credit card charges even after cancellation
  • Reports of credit card charges even when on free trial



Overall, Rocket Lawyer is great for seeking help in legal documents especially if you’re a business owner needing a lot of them. With their monthly subscription plan, you have access to a lot of documents for personal and business needs such as marriage, taxes, divorce, personal injury, debt collection, bankruptcy, incorporation, copyright, loans, service contracts and more.

Rocket Lawyer is also known for its speedy and affordable services so if you don’t want to deal with a lengthy process, this is the best choice as you only need to fill in a couple of forms, get the document customized to your needs, a lawyer reviewing the document for you in their own network and have it all signed and printed, all in the comfort of your home. If you need more guidance, they can also connect you to a local attorney within 24 hours at 40% off.

However, reports have mentioned that Rocket Lawyer has issues with their pricing scheme such as continued credit charges even when the subscription has been cancelled or even during free trial. For this, it is extremely important to contact their customer service to have all these corrected. Also, if you need a more thorough guidance and legal advice, it is still best to directly ask help from your local lawyer, especially on different business structures.

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