ClickFunnels Review: Is it Worth the Fuss? [2017]

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ClickFunnels Review: Is it Worth the Fuss? [2017]

Read the full ClickFunnels review here. The ever popular ClickFunnels funnel building software reviewed thoroughly.

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The Have you ever heard the term “Marketing Funnel”? If no, then marketing is not for you.

Marketing funnels are designed to move users through a process. The goal of a funnel is to make (you can say manipulate) a user to buy your product.

This process starts with the user not knowing a thing about the product and by the end of it, they are willing to pay your price for it. This is no rocket science. It’s a simple online marketing tactic that is used by millions of people.

In order to pull this off, you need to carefully put each element of the funnel in place. This can be a daunting task and it can take days. But in the end, all the hard work will pay off.

A Marketing Funnel Converts your visitors into paying customers. It doesn’t matter whether you have a business, blog or a product, if your market funnel is set right, it can convert your visitor into subscriber, buyer or investor.

It depends on the art of creating your funnel. Here, we are going to introduce you to a quick solution for creating marketing funnels that will make your business a success.


ClickFunnels comes with a load of innovative features and it’s much more than just a landing page builder. Following, we are going to review everything about this software, but first, we are going to see the basic attractions, what’s making all this fuzz.

This is a sales funnel software.  Sales Funnels are a lineup of webpages that are designed to lead visitors to a conversation, or preset target. If you have a new site, the software can help you to create Sales Page> Order Page> Thank You Page (and so on). There are also some other options like A/B Testing, Cart Integration, etc. These are the basic improvements and list of features to expect from ClickFunnels.



As said before, ClickFunnels has an abundance of features. Here are a few of the standard features.

Sales Funnels

Webinars: Pre-Recorded, Live Webinars and Broadcast

Landing Pages: The main hub for your traffic

Drag and Drop Editing: Create and edit all pages within the easy and advance customizable editor

A/B Testing: It shows multiple versions of a page to visitors and picks the best performer

Drip Campaigns: Forward Timed emails to contacts

Cart: Integrate payment systems including PayPal and Strip to the Sales Funnel Order Page

Membership Bonus: Needs an email or account setup to access

Upsell and Downsell: This offer a similar item when checked out is followed by a lower priced item

Actionetics upgrade offers a number of tools that helps to improve customer information with smart analytics. The Backpack Upgrade adds affiliate management system.  The ClickFunnels is basically an integrated solution for basic functionality and benefits of different commercial tools squished into one. This suite can help to control system use and cost but it costs functionality and power.


How it Works

Users have to choose the funnel he is looking to build. Why do they need an extensive email list? Do they want more sales, more registers for their next shop or what? The software offers free templates that are designed to capture sales, registers and whomever you want. The template library is not quite large, but it’s growing every second.

Moving Forward, the user has to select between the pages to make up their funnel. A funnel can be made by using a pre-built product with polished templates, or the user can start building one from scratch.

The user can always add a page with an upsell or a page that has a sales video.


Drag and Drop Editor

The Drag and Drop interface helps to customize pages of funnel as the client wants. In the editor, the user can move different elements, and edit the final layout according to their likening. They can boost the conversation with elements like Drip Campaign, membership oriented content for any upsell or downsell.



This is an affiliate management tool that is only featured in the enterprise plan. It helps for setting up an affiliate program and improves the management of your current one. The Tool also helps you to track clients and sales while calculating the amount you have to pay your affiliate referral partners.

At First Sight

We are not going to take you through the good and bad experiences of ClickFunnels and how it stands out from the competition.


Things to Love

Following are the things we loved about the new ClickFunnels! Make sure you have a look at them.

Conversion Metric

ClickFunnels helps its user to find out different issues by showing them why the funnel fails to convert. It shows how many visitors view each page, the conversation for overall funnel as well as for each page. This helps to point out the flaws and saves a lot of time.

Visualize and Internal Linking

This software focuses on one page at each time. It can also focus on an entire funnel and help you to add or edit pages likewise.

This makes it easy for the user to see all pages and how they connect with each other. It helps to manage and update on the go. ClickFunnels is better than its competitors as they need the user to find pages and edit so that they related to each other.

Cloning a Funnel

This is a powerful feature introduced in ClickFunnels. It lets the user to take a prebuilt funnel and clone the whole thing. It copies everything including pages, upsell, downsell and you name it. This simply means if the user wants to test a different magnet while keeping the rest same, they can just clone the funnel, change its first page and see how it drives traffic.


The simple editor can do a lot of things. It can design the perfect system without being a Photoshop rip off. It doesn’t need any coding. Just simple and straightforward that focuses on delivering results.

Funnel Flow

If the user wants to move an upsell in funnel, they can easy do it with the Drag and Drop Feature. Just click on the stage and move it wherever you want.

2 Week Trial

This is a generous offer, if you are wondering whether this product is right for you and should you invest in it, try it free for 2 weeks and get your answer.


Things to Hate

Following, we are mentioning the things (features) we hated about the software, and we wish it improve on them to really stand out!

Membership Sites

There are a few problems with ClickFunnels when it comes to build a membership. Frist you need to host all the content on their given platform. This gets annoying pretty soon. Also, you have to move everything out if you want to migrate your data.

Automated Webinars

Simple embedding is not enough, and this is where ClickFunnels takes a beating. The Automated Webinars is not rich in features and it can cost you dearly. We learned it the hard way.

Marketing Comparison

This is another thing ClickFunnels doesn’t excel. The competition is very stiff but there is a lot of improvement for the software. Everyone is offering Easy Page Replication, nothing to stand out here. Sharing funnels is not possible with most other software. Completely Custom Order Forms is becoming a basic feature, nothing to boast about it. Split Testing is another thing we hope ClickFunnels will improve on.  One Click Upsells has a checkout process, which is the first time we saw it, no one else made it this complicated.

The choices for design and design are kept too minimalistic and the designs fail to stand out. This for a $37 per month is not the best offer, especially when you limit your plans by Unique Page Views


Getting Started with It

This mature product is the brain child of Russell Brunson and team. Its been 3 years since the product was first introduce. ClickFunnels allows you to create single standalone page and helps you to build all sorts of marketing funnel

How do you define a funnel? It’s a series of pages that your visitors have to go through to reach the targeted page. A basic capture funnel is made of 2 pages that collects the email address of visitor and sends them to a thank you page when they sign up. There are more refined approaches to create a sales funnel that are made of multiple pages.  With ClickFunnels, users can easily create:

  • Lead Capture Funnel: These are used to capture the email address of visitors and help you to expand your mail list.
  • Sales Page Funnel: Create one of these to sell products and services. You can also add any upsell or downsell to the sale process.
  • Membership Sites: These are useful when it comes to help people register their webinars
  • Webinar Funnels: These help to make money by creating a full-fledge membership site

This software comes with its own templates according to the type of template you want to make.  Users can choose to build from scratch with the in program editor, but prebuilt templates can save a lot of time. The editor is among top offerings of this suite. It comes with advance features and lets you put together different pages without a hassle.

You don’t need any code, just select, drag and drop. The ClickFunnels editor has an easy to use interface. Everything is live and it allows to you make instant changes. The suite gives you a lot of freedom to create your pages and lets you move different elements about and put them where you want. This is something that most competitors fail at.


The On-Boarding Features

These are pretty impressive and you can’t just forgive the free ClickFunnels T-Shirt for just watching a video. That’s great customer value. The video will take about 10 minutes and it gives a good overview of how the whole thing works.

Creating the first funnel is easy, just click on Add Funnels button and you are show the available funnels. If you don’t know what a funnel does, there is an embedded video that explains everything you need to know.

Now, you just have to pick your funnel, and click on the create funnel button. You will be asked to give the project a name. The software will generate a set of pages that you can base your funnels on. Not to mention, you can also remove pages by just hovering over them and clicking the big “X” Button.

Every time you want to create a funnel, you will have to select from the wide array of designs and templates given with the suite. If you don’t find something according to your satisfaction, you can just create one start from the scratch.  You can also customize different templates, just pick one and edits sections.

Keep in mind, the basic building block of a funnel is its sections. The basics included a header section, fold content section and footer section.

The long form sales page has a section for highlighting different features or section of the testimonial. ClickFunnels support all types of designs. The sections are divided in Column rows and you can pick a single column and raise it up to 6 columns or any number. You can insert different elements inside each element.



The ClickFunnels has a lot of budgets from basic to advanced ones. While the basics are Headline, Image, Tex, Video and Input forms, the advanced widgets are:

  • Custom HTML
  • SMS Signup
  • Timer Countdown
  • Survey
  • Video Unlocker
  • FAQ Blocks
  • Pricing Table
  • Facebook Comments

If you browse any section, element or row, you can highlight it and lock on the slide in contextual editor rom right hand. This is where you can change the priorities.  You can also change background color, margin, alignment, etc. These are very handy once you get the hang of them.

ClickFunnels is a nice blend of user friendly and versatile platform. If you sell a product and you want to integrate a payment processor, look no further as this suite supports a lot of vendors. If you don’t have any vendor services, you can also look up the suite to offer you some solution, like Stripe in this case.

Whenever someone goes through the order page, it will collect the payment on your behalf.



ClickFunnels not only helps you to create your sales funnel, but helps you to see how to performs. At top of each page, you can view the total number of real time visitors for each page, how many people clicked the next button page with the conversion ate. You also get a graphic which shows the states over a set time.

The Split Testing is integrated into ClickFunnels which helps to optimize conversion rates. The Split Tests Tab shows stats of existing tests and allows you to create a new test. Setting up a test is easy, you can easily clone a page and edit it from there. The problem is, ClickFunnels doesn’t support all advanced split testing features like its competitors, or else, the test would be a killing machine. It would have made a real difference.



When ClickFunnels was first released, it was only focusing on creating funnels. But as things moved forward, the vision expanded and took some other aspects under its wing.

The Actionetics allow you to see people who have opted to be in your list through ClickFunnels in Contact Profile Page.

What makes this more interesting is the Action Score. It is based on Recency, frequency, monetary value and social score. It gives you an idea of which leads will buy more from you.

The Actionetics can be used to email broadcasts while the email builder lets you design better emails. The Action Funnels are a way to create an auto-responder with basic marketing automation.

There are number of interesting features but Actionetics barely lights a candle against some of ClickFunnels competitors. For someone who looks forward to such a feature, they should buy a standalone product to enjoy premium features.



Affiliate Programs never fail to boost your sales. This is what the Backpack offers. It offers a complete affiliate program with attention to each detail that can be easily attached to one of your sale funnels. Inside the backpack you can add everything you want for the affiliates to promote your product.

You can use Affiliate links, banner ads and email swipe copy for this matter. You can also setup the affiliate payouts and see how they perform. The best part is, there is an added support for 2nd Tier Commissions, this is a powerful feature and it can help your cause.

Creating a Marketing Funnel with ClickFunnels

A Marketing Funnel is your way to convert visitors into paying customers. But you need to be extra careful about it and double check everything in order to pull this off the right way. Whatever your lifehood is, a blog, business or just a product, you need a marketing funnel if you need to make good money off it. Don’t worry, it’s not too much complicated, in fact most of the process is automated.

ClickFunnels handles every element of your marketing funnel. The reason why we chose ClickFunnels is giving other and older competitors a tough competition is its easy for new users and good enough for advanced ones.

For someone who didn’t know the definition of marketing funnels before, you can create a professional funnel with ClickFunnels without a hitch. In order to do that, you will need the following things:

  • Email Marketing
  • Land Page
  • Hosting
  • Split Test
  • Setup Site Membership and Affiliate Programs

ClickFunnels provides you with all of this. You don’t have to look to someone else if you need any of these because ClickFunnels covers them all.  It helps you in every step for creating a marketing funnel Remember we are not talking about a single page, instead we refer to a set of pages that are carefully structured to convert your visitors into paying customers.

In order to achieve that, you need a lot of tools. Fortunately, ClickFunnels takes care of that, and offers you the following built in:

  • Funnel Templates for collecting emails or selling products
  • Great Templates for every type of funnel
  • Auto-Responder
  • Email List Segmentation
  • Host
  • Custom Domain
  • Digital Downloads like Ebooks etc
  • Affiliate Software
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Easy Integration with WordPress

There are many more features, and it is overwhelming to be honest. For someone who is new to marketing funnels, they better try the 2 week trial version before buying the basic or premium one. The trial version helps you to build funnels, but paying grants you all the assisting and guide integration. The premium feature basically improves on everything is and definitely worth your money.


Creating a Marketing Funnel for the First Time

Funnels can be defined as a series of pages that the user have to visit before they can take an action. It depends on your goal each funnel is somewhat different from the other like collecting email needs a different funnel as compared to the one you will use for selling your product.

When you create a funnel in ClickFunnels for first time, a wizard shows up that helps you to pick the format, The formats are differentiated according to their purpose and named as:

  • Collect Emails
  • Sell Products
  • Collect Intel for Webinar

For instance, if you want to collect emails, you can see a box where you can enter the name and other some details about the funnel. Once you enter the details and continue, the rest of steps will follow.

To collect your emails, you have to make a two step funnel which are

Optin: This is the first page where the user will enter their email address.

Thank You: This is the second page where the user will be thanked about they submit their email address.

The good thing is, ClickFunnels takes care of every detail for you. This software suite gives you the best funnel according to your needs. You don’t have to use the exact funnel design or template they provide you with. There are a lot of customizing options.

Still, we provided the above mentioned guide only named the basic commands to give you an idea what it will be like to create your first funnel.

If you know the hang of creating a funnel and want someone better than the most basic options, you can always change the settings. The wizard will provide you guidelines at every step. If not, you can ask for help anytime.

In case you are not looking forward to collect emails, sell products or a webinar, you can create your own funnel without a template. It’s nothing to be scared of, there is a landing page builder which is a standard tool if you know how these creators work. If not, then the wizard is there to help you.

You can start with selected a pre-made template or designing yours from scratch. Select the template. If you can, try to create yours from almost nothing and save it or future use. You can also edit the already existing templates to make them suit your needs.

Creating a Landing Page

ClickFunnels feature an easy to use landing page creator. This creator helps you with everything related to a landing page including its back end and front end. Start by setting your Meta details for SEO. Later, set your analytics, tracking, and downloading. For instance, if you want to giveaway an Ebook for free, you can just upload it and integrate in your page.

Once you are done with the back end, it’s time for the front end editor. This allows you to design and edit the following:

  • Headlines
  • Input Forms
  • Social Share
  • And Much More

Everything you need to create a stunning page is included in the builder.

Analyze the Final Product

After you are done setting up the template, the funnel has to be ready. Once you start receiving traffic, you can analyze the funnel performance. The software informs you about the percentage of users that are moving through your funnel. This is a helpful feature and this might be where your funnel needs some work down. If it coverts good in the start, you may have to revise something.

The dashboard also shows you the following:

  • Total number of visitors
  • Collected Contact Information
  • Conversion Rate

Summing up, the dashboard is great for a general picture of how your funnel performs.

Actionetics and Backpack

One thing I forgot mention earlier, both of these tools are available in Pro Version. The actionetics as said before, it helps you to manage your marketing automation. Here you can create custom messages to users depending on their actions inside the funnel.

Backpack helps you to introduce an affiliation program which will bring in more sales as it helps to recruit affiliate marketers. To tell you the truth, Actionetics is a bit more valuable than Backpack as marketing automation is a key thing to win business. ClickFunnels beats its competitors to the pulp as this is a built in feature.

Perfect Your Approach

Lets dive into important details! You need to test your funnel with A/B Split testing. It will show which funnels perform and which don’t. Set multiple funnels and run them at once with ClickFunnels. This will also get you a clear sight about the foundation of templates as the test will show which ones work and which doesn’t.


Test Your Marketing Funnel

Have you ever read a case study? Most of them are based around products and how changing one aspect or two can increase your conversion. If you have one, you get to a product, you either ignore it, or you want to try it. We are not going to tell you how to improve your call to action button, instead we are going to make you realize why your approach didn’t work. You need to realize that not every client is the same. It’s impossible to even group them unless you know them, this is where A/B Testing comes it. Here are a few questions the test should answer, these are:


  • What concerns your prospects have?
  • What will motivate your client to click on the call to action button?
  • What will prevent your customer from going to your competition?
  • Why the prospect should trust you?
  • Why the prospect have to sign up your email newsletter?
  • Is there something on my site, or front page that prevents possible conversions?

There are a lot of questions you can ask, but you don’t want to annoy your client. A/B testing helps you to find such answers. Once you get the answer of these questions, not only you will perfect your funnel, but you will make a hell lot more sales as you understand your audience.


Know Your Audience

When it comes to learn about your audience, the first thing that pops in your mind is a big question mark. Well, that is normal, unless you are an expert marketer and knows how to research around. But if you are not, and you are merely stepping into marketing, the ClickFunnels A/B Testing can help you. First you need to find your target customer. Consider the following things when finding quote, the ideal customer:

  • What Type of Person They
  • Age Range
  • Family Size
  • Professional Life
  • Income Range
  • Deb and How they pay it off

These are just some minor details you need to careful about. The given details are not much but they can be a good start. Moving on, not everyone will fall into the same category, and that’s not a problem. This means you have to integrate one of more such details in your funnel.

You can include options such as “Do you want to give your family a better life?”, this will sure grab the attention of your client. The point is, sometimes, you have to tickle the insecurity of your clients. Find these insecurities is very difficult, but you can take some ideas from other businesses like beauty and fitness industries, they really nail it!

Find the insecurities, create different circumstances for each insecurity and dedicate a funnel for it. This is a time consuming process but it means the life of your business. This is a more personal approach and it always get the attention. You need to carefully craft your approach because if the clients snce that you are trying make money off them, the whole idea will be in jeopardy. This is where making a copy comes in handy.


The Benefit of Making Copies

A copy can make or break your business. We are not referring to your color or font, instead we are talking about the actual message inside. If your message doesn’t hit the client in their heart, they will think you are trying to sell something and the next thing you see, they will run away.

So how to make a copy that converts, well this is a whole other world. But ClickFunnels has you covered here. The software gives you important points to craft a masterpiece, some of these are:

  • Keep everything simple, use short sentence and remain to the point
  • Don’t over sugarcoat it
  • Make it to the right length, write according to the page
  • Never overboard, fancy tactics can get you a sale but they don’t promise returning customer. Returning customers are the life of your business. So don’t get ahead of yourself
  • Keep things interesting, talk to the clients, don’t just write a bland note, add humor, emotions and whatever to make your copy more engaging
  • Don’t be Sleazy, you don’t want to creep your clients

A good salesman doesn’t only sell things. No, he helps people by making their life easier and better. This is the approach you need if you want to make more sales. People interact with people rather than a well written note. So keep this in mind while making your copy.


Final Word

Before you start acting like a fan boy and go crazy all over this product, there are a few things you need to mind. It will be better if you create all the files before you buy this product. It will save you a lot of money and time.

This simply means if you want to sell something, like an e-book, then you have to write it and make sure you create the perfect funnel according to it. You will have to take care of the following details:

  • Title
  • Headers
  • Hook
  • Whatever It takes to sell your product

ClickFunnels helps you to collect valuable leads but if you don’t know how to use them, don’t bother. In the end, it’s up to you how to leverage from these leads. For someone who has to focus on Lead generation, this is an excellent product. It’s a bit expensive but for someone who knows their way around marketing and converting viewers into buyers, they might look up to it.



Let’s just get over it. This is not an affordable option. It comes with great features but you have to pay their price if you want to take advanced. You can say this is one of the things about Click Funnels that weren’t to my likening. It’s a bit unfit for people who don’t have big budget. Why? Let the following price checks answer that!

  • Basic Package-$97/month
  • Premium Package- $297/month

This is not what you call cheap or affordable, it’s expensive, but not overpriced. This is for people who are damn serious about their work and can afford the luxury of a full service system.

For someone who cannot afford to pay this much for funnel software, they can check out the cheaper alternatives. However, we can’t promise that they will be as good as ClickFunnels.

If you are not confident whether the suite will be worth your money or not, you can always try the 14 Day Free trial and check it out for free before making your mind.


Who Should Buy It?

For someone who earns his living off the internet, he has to choose between many path and decide which one works for him. Everyone is special in their own accord. Some create a blog while other write a ton of content to attract an audience, some create a product while others sell it.

Selling a product needs a convincing sales page! If your sales page doesn’t interact with your audience then it is useless for everyone, therefore you need to make sure everything in the sales page is perfect. So if you earn your living by creating sales page or lead generation, then this product is for you. This is a platform that will provide you with all the features you are going to need in order to boost your business.



Marketing funnels play a vital role to improve the effectiveness of your site. If you learn such concepts and use them yourself, then you won’t have to pay for the product. But if you have the money, and you want to save your time, then ClickFunnels have you covered.

With this product, you won’t need to invest much effort in the design and technical details. You can try for the basic package but if your business is already selling, then paying for the premium package shouldn’t be a problem. It may be a lot of money, but considering the results it will bring, it’s an investment worth your money.

It analyzes the effectiveness of each step in funnel and if you dedicate a team or the purpose and hand them access to such a powerful tool, your business will improve significantly.  In the end, I will say its worth the investment.

About the Creator

Like we said before, this is the brainchild of Russell Branson. Branson is an innovator and marketer who have built multi-million dollar companies. In addition, he mentioned many successful entrepreneurs and business minds to help them take their business to a whole new level. ClickFunnels is his solution for the ever growing marketing. He improves the overall user experience with great support and training for the product.



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