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CB Passive Income Review

Read the full CB Passive Income Review. CB Passive Income helps you collect lifetime commissions from giving away popular products.

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About CB Passive Income

CB Passive Income is a program in which you license the use of a cloned webpage and use the provided tools and lessons to effectively market it, reaping the eventual rewards that later come in on auto-pilot.


Where did CB Passive Income come from?

CB Passive Income is a program devised by the highly successful internet marketer, Patric Chan. Chan started earning money online in 2003, and after years of climbing the ladder to success, he’s devised a program to pass his success along to others. The inspiration for the program is to give back to the marketing community while helping it grow and thus Patric himself can eventually utilize the programs that his top students are likely to create down the road. Essentially, CB Passive Income was borne from a concept where there’s a system where there are only winners and no losers.


Does CB Passive Income really work?

CB Passive Income works by licensing you a unique URL that is a clone of Patric Chan’s successful marketing page. He and his team take care of all of the software, backend, content, sales, and other heavy lifting aspects that make most newbie marketers want to run screaming into the night. Your job as a client of this program is to promote your unique webpage clone using the training that Patric and his team provide you with through their courses and private client webpages.

Essentially, yes, CB Passive Income Works. Chan and his team have a finely tuned system. But the key—and Patric Chan is very up front about this—is that you have to do your part and promote your page. If you don’t do that, the system falls apart. However, if you put the energy in and promote the program using Patric’s steps (outlined in his program), you will find the system does indeed work—and quickly.


The Pros

The number one pro of the CB Passive Income system is that it actually works if you follow the program the way you’re supposed to. Furthermore, the hardest parts of internet marketing—like rounding up designers, writers, tech support—all of that is done for you. All you have to do is your only job: promote your unique cloned website. Once you do that, the automatic earnings will roll in.

Also, Patric Chan and his team work continuously to improve the system with new versions as well as updating the products that they promote so that the system is always optimized to work “right now” in whatever state the online world finds itself in. Most recently, they’ve added mobile marketing techniques which provides the ultimate in marketing reach, and that’s something you won’t easily find with other programs out there.


The Cons

The main con is that the autopilot income only comes once you’ve put in work generating traffic. It’s not a quick cash system, however, to Chan’s credit, he doesn’t claim it to be, and actively warns away people who aren’t prepared for this.


What do real people say about CB Passive Income?

“I made $80 in my first week—I made $200 the next. All. On. Autopilot.” – Denise from Richmond, Virginia

“I’ve tried a lot of marketing systems in the past and have mostly regretted it. I told myself, I will give this sort of thing one more chance—thankfully, the page I landed on was Patric Chan’s! His system is the first legit system I’ve come across in five years of searching and I have the profits to prove it. Thanks, Patric!” – Carl from El Paso, Texas

“I’ve always had trouble getting the hang of marketing. Patric Chan and his wonderful team helped me grow my business and now I’ve been able to quit my day job!” – Rachel from Cheyenne, Wyoming

“I was lazy at first and didn’t see much profit, but once I took it seriously, the results were amazing. I now make over $300 per week thanks to Patric’s system!” – Don from New York, New York


One final word, a warning

While CB Passive Income has the ability to make you real and substantial passive income, it only works if you put in the effort promoting your page. The CB Passive Income program will give you the lessons and tools you need to promote your page, but you have to actually put in the effort, so the warning here is to essentially remind you that you won’t make any money (let alone passive money) if you don’t put in the minimal amount of work this system requires.

CB Passive Income

CB Passive Income is simply a business system where your only job is to giveaway valuable internet marketing products and you will collect a lifetime of commission on whatever they buy!

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