Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review [2017]


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Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Review [2017]

Read the full Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow review. The ever-popular Quad 400 crossbow reviewed thoroughly.

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Are you into hunting and looking for a new weapon to use aside from the typical hunting gun? Well, you might want to check out a crossbow if you’re into something more fun and challenging. Now before you say “no” thinking that it’s outdated, well, you’re wrong. Up until now, crossbows are used for target shooting and is a regular sport in competitions and shooting games, aside from being used in hunting.

True, crossbows are historical weapons and the earliest evidence was even dated back in 5th century BC in Greece and 6th century BC in China. Still, it is considered to be one of the best hunting weapons today since aside from the fact that using a crossbow is pretty challenging and it adds more thrill to hunting, it also saves you a lot of cash since its bolts can be used again. Also, it reminds traditional hunters how it feels to hunt back in the day. And who could ever miss out Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead using his beloved crossbow?

What Is A Crossbow?

A crossbow is bow-based weapon which consists of a horizontal bow mounted on a stick. It is popular for its projectiles called quarrels or bolts. As mentioned earlier, it has played a role in Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Crossbow Features

Crossbows have different features which every user and enthusiast should know.


These are usually made of cast or machined aluminum to where the limbs are mounted. High-quality crossbows should have it CNC machined from solid billets or extrusions while the rest are of cast.

Arrow Track

This is the physical structure wherein the arrow rests and travels once the bow has been triggered.

Draw Weight

The crossbow’s draw weight refers to how much is the pull required to flex the limbs into the ready-to-fire stand. The higher the draw weight, the faster the speed of the arrow.

Power Stroke

Measured in inches, it is the physical distance the string travels from the rest to the cocked position. Long power stroke bows are faster than the rest.


Limbs store kinetic energy that the cam system transfer once the bow is drawn.

Cam System or Eccentrics

It loads energy into the limbs and the bow’s mechanical efficiency directly correlates to it.

Now that we have established the main features of crossbows, we shall review one of the most widely known crossbows available today – the Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow.

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow review

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 – 22-Inch Arrows and Premium Red Dot Sight)

Price: $362.47

Shipping Weight: 14.2 lbs

Dimensions: 33 x 11 x 7 inches

This quality crossbow made by Barnett which is a leading manufacturer of crossbows is an upgrade from the Barnett Quad 300. So we can definitely say it is an entirely new and improved crossbow with a more stronger design yet lighter and faster.

One of Barnett Quad 400 improvements made include being the very first crossbow which features a gas assist composite stock that has a high density. It also has a 15.5” power stroke and can shoot arrows at a speed of 345 FPS average with 150 pounds draw weight and 112-foot pounds of energy.

The new Barnett Quad crossbow now has a thumbhole grip with a parallel limb as a design. Since it is prestrung, it is also very easy to assemble so all you have to do is to attach the bow assembly to the stock then attach the quiver and have the scope mounted. That’s it. So it will more or less have everything ready in around 15 minutes.

In regards to the kinetic energy, the Barnett Quad 400 can deliver 400-grain arrows at 345 FPS which is equivalent to 106 ft lbs of kinetic energy at point blank range. Additionally, since its draw weight is 150 lbs, it is advisable to cash in for a hand-crank cocking device so as to avoid any shoulder or back strain. You can also opt to add a rope cocking device if you’re not sure of a hand-crank cocking device. This way, it will improve the accuracy of your shots as it will help you evenly draw the string.

The Barnett Quad 400 package also includes a scope which is pretty simple and if you want to hunt close-up, you can also get the red dot scope. It also has 3 arrows which are great for target shooting. Another great addition is the 5-year warranty for defects and workmanship.

The Barnett Quad 400 Package includes the Barnett Quad 400 crossbow, Quick-detach quiver, 3 arrows, 4 x 32mm scope or premium red dot scope (depending on package), an owner’s manual and a warranty card.

  • Insert for installing a hand-crank cocking device
  • Ability to choose between 4 x 32mm scope or red dot scope, depending on your preferences
  • Quad Limb Compound
  • Quality Assembly
  • Quick Detach Quiver
  • High-Density Gas Assistant Cock
  • Added Accuracy
  • Extra Power
  • 5 year warranty card

  • Heavy weight
  • Difficulty in loading



The Barnett Quad 400 crossbow review showed us that while it is heavy, which weighs 9 pounds, this will not be a major flaw as it still somehow proves that the product quality is durable and can deliver strong power. It also comes with great features which made it superior among other crossbow brands such as the its composite stock that has a lighter and more comfortable cocking device attachment. Due to this, this quality crossbow from Barnett proves to deliver accuracy and great speed.

However, the difficulty in loading also poses a problem as it’s not entirely easy to cock the arrows and bolts into place. Thankfully, it does come with an integrated cocking device attachment to where you can mount it thus, reducing the reloading times. Additionally, since the main goal is hit your target precisely, this is entirely possible with this quality crossbow as you can attain an accuracy out to 60 yards.

To summarize, the Barnett Quad 400 crossbow is definitely a great value for money as not only does it have excellent features to help you achieve your goal such as hunting and target shooting, it is also reported that Barnett also provides great customer service and a 5-year warranty.

Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow

The ever-popular Quad 400 crossbow has long been designed to optimize power and firing accuracy, and has recently been updated with some new features.

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